Brute™ Mini Series Boilers

Brute™ Mini’s simple design, compact size, and unique 2-stage firing (standard on all 100-225 models) can improve comfort and heating efficiency in nearly any hydronic system. All Brute Mini models comply with DOE 2012 minimum efficiency requirements for residential boilers, and are factory-equipped with user-friendly boiler reset control system.


  • 6 sizes, 50-225 MBH input
  • 85% AFUE, Category I Chimney Venting
  • Natural or LP Gas models
  • ASME Certified “Wet Wall” copper heat Exchanger with cast iron headers
  • Built-in draft diverter
  • Electronic Spark Ignition
  • Integrated boiler reset control
  • Adjustable reset curve
  • Heat & DHW demand terminals
  • Status / diagnostic LED's
  • Boiler Circulator Pump (50-125 Models)
  • Includes Vent Damper
  • 2-stage firing (100-225 models only) can adjust boiler firing rate to match smaller heat demands - reducing boiler cycling, for improved comfort & system efficiency.
  • Lightweight & compact size
  • Top mounted Vent & piping and vent connections