The Copper Brute™ is a versatile, reliable replacement for atmospheric-vented volume water heaters. The proven, finned copper tube heat exchanger resists scaling, and maintains efficiency. All models include factory mounted and wired non-ferrous circulators and are available with water connections on either side of the unit. All sizes can be ordered for either indoor or outdoor installation.


  • Thermal efficiency up to 85%
  • ASME 160 psi working pressure heat exchanger
  • ASME "H" stamp, designed and certified for potable water use
  • Flanged bronze water connections
  • Glass-lined headers
  • External header gaskets
  • 125 psi (861 kPa) ASME rated pressure relief valve
  • Flow switch, mounted and wired
  • Temperature/pressure gauge
  • Pump, mounted and wired
  • Multiple operating gas valve/pressure regulators
  • Manual “A” gas valve
  • Washable intake air filter
  • Multiple, removable burner trays
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Built-in draft fan for Category I or III vent systems
  • Air pressure switch
  • Burner site glass
  • 24V control system
  • 115/24VAC transformer
  • Ignitor access panels
  • Energy Management Monitor (EM2) pump time delay
  • Manual reset high limit
  • Automatic reset high limit (500-2000 only)
  • Electronic PID staging control with LCD and touchpad
  • PC board for electrical connections
  • External controller connections with selector switch
  • Hot surface ignition
  • On/Off toggle switch
  • Pump time delay
  • Diagnostic lights
  • Less than 10 ppm NOx (500-2000 only)
  • Less than 30 ppm NOx (200-400 only)
  • All models can be converted to either indoor use or outdoor use. For outdoor use, you must order exhaust vent and air intake vent

Product Literature

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Spec Sheet Operation Manual
719-B Document 2143
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