Copper Brute™ II Volume Water Heaters

The Copper Brute™ II can be vented as a Cat I appliance, or as a Cat III appliance with horizontal venting lengths up to 50-equivalent ft. Combustion air can be drawn from the room or ducted directly to the unit from outdoors. Combustion air and vent connections can be field converted from the top to the rear of the unit.


  • 7 sizes 500-2,000 MBH
  • Efficiencies of 84+%
  • Up to 5,099 GPH Recovery
  • Sealed indoor/outdoor cabinet
  • Factory mounted & wired non-ferrous pump
  • ASME finned copper tube heat exchanger
  • Glass-lined headers with external gaskets
  • Intake air filter
  • Built-in draft fan
  • Electronic PID staging control with touchpad and LCD display
  • Firing Modes: 2-Stage (500 & 750), 3-Stage (1000), 4-Stage (1250-2000)
  • Less than 10ppm NOx
  • Convertible top or rear vent/intake connections for use with Copper Brute II Stacking Racks