The NEW High Efficiency eF Series® Residential Condensing Water Heater

The new high efficiency eF Series® residential power vent water heater from Bradford White represents a new level of product innovation. With a Thermal Efficiency over 90% and a higher hot water recovery than similar BTU/Hr. input models, the eF Series® residential water heater is the energy-saving solution to high hot water demand in almost any home.


  • Outstanding Thermal Efficiency over 90% helps heat water faster to conserve energy and save money
  • Vertical, dual-pass heat exchanger system is protected by Vitraglas® and helps eliminate corrosion challenges associated with other heat exchanger designs
  • Internal self-priming condensate trap
  • ICON System™ Intelligent Gas Control
  • Long vent lengths help resolve difficult venting situations with power venting through a roof or sidewall, adding installation flexibility
  • Powerful yet quiet blower motor designed for greater resistance to outside winds


Where High Efficiency Meets Design Simplicity.

The key to the performance of the eF Series® residential water heater is the dual-pass heat exchanger system. Heat and combustion gases are forced through both helical-finned and baffled heat exchanger tubes for faster and more efficient heat transfer. The result is an outstanding thermal efficiency of over 90%, helping today’s energy-conscious homeowner conserve energy and save money without sacrificing performance or comfort.