Next to the heating system, a water heater is the largest consumer of energy in a home. To help choose the correct model, you need to do more than compare prices. Although the cost of a water heater is important, you should consider the hot water requirements, usage patterns and local energy costs. The right mix of these variables will lead to a satisfying purchase. Use the information in this brochure to determine which Bradford White® water heater best suits your needs.

The Energy Guide Label is affixed to all residential water heaters with a storage capacity of at least 20 gallons, sold in the U.S.A. On it you’ll find information describing a particular model and also how that model’s operating costs compare to similar ones. Take a moment to become familiar with the example labels and explanations. By understanding the different parts of these labels, you can compare various models and determine the “best buy” for your home.

Roll your mouse over the blinking red dots below. Each will describe a section of the label.