Our residential EverHot® tankless water heaters supply continuous hot water at a set temperature to the entire house. These units only operate when there's a call for hot water resulting in reduced energy consumption. These models also save space and are available for indoor or outdoor installation.

Product Highlights
Energy Star


  • Nine pass heat exchanger
  • Digital main controller with a temperature range of 96°F-120°F(140°F Maximum)
  • Commercial Conversion Capability with the use of a commercial controller
  • Direct Electronic ignition
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Lime accumulation sensor
  • Very low noise level
  • Space saving installation
  • Twelve year limited warranty on heat exchanger
  • Five year limited warranty on parts

Model Numbers

TG-150I-N Indoor Standard Input
TG-150E-N Outdoor Standard Input
TG-180I-N Indoor High Input
TG-180E-N Outdoor High Input
TG-199I-N Indoor High Input
TG-199E-N Outdoor High Input


Product Literature

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Spec Sheet Parts List Operation Manual Warranty Doc
106-B 48124-C 48022D Click Here