If your customer prefers a level of leak protection beyond the audible alarm, the Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package is the solution. Imagine what could happen if your customer is away from home when a leak occurs and no one can hear the alarm. The Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package eliminates those fears by closing off the cold water inlet when a leak is detected and confirmed. Once corrected, the Accessory Module opens the shut-off valve, allowing water to enter the tank so normal water heating can take place*. The Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package mounts directly to the water heater, or at any point up stream of the water heater, and features an integral wire harness for easy connection. This Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package can be used on light-duty commercial gas water heaters with an Accessory Module installed.

NOTE: Bradford White ICON System™ Accessory Packages are meant to complement the water heating system and do not replace existing National/State/Local code(s) and/or manufacturer's installation instructions.

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