Want to help avoid water damage in the event of a piping or tank leak? The Protection Package has just what the customer ordered! It features an electronic sensor that attaches to the base of the water heater and, in the event of a leak, triggers the audible alarm integrated in the Accessory Module. For additional protection, the sensor will send a signal to the Accessory Module which in turn, interrupts burner operation in the event of a prolonged leak. This ensures that the chance of heating a less than full, or even empty tank, is prevented. Once corrected, the Accessory Module re-sets both the leak detection sensor and gas valve so normal water heating can take place*. The sensor can be mounted inside a drain pan if one is installed. If there is no drain pan, the Protection Package comes complete with a rubber dam which is installed around the base of the heater. The dam will hold enough water to activate the sensor and alarm in the event of a leak.  This leak detecction package can be used on both light-duty and standard commercial gas water heaters when an Accessory Module is installed.

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