Here's your opportunity to offer your customers enhanced hot water delivery plus greatly increased energy efficiency! The Setback Control Package offers full 7-day, 4 period/day (wake, leave, return, sleep) programmable control of the water heater giving homeowners the ability to adjust the set point temperature of the water stored in the tank based on their usage patterns. Water is maintained at the optimum temperature when it will most likely be needed. There's also a setback feature, that with one push of a button, lowers the set point temperature to save energy while the homeowner is out of town or when hot water is not required for an extended amount of time. The control also allows water to be stored at its highest set point temperature during peak demand hours. This greatly reduces the homeowner's wait time for hot water at the fixtures in the morning. The control, with its LCD user interface, is similar to a home heating and cooling thermostat and features a hot water capacity indicator, a read out of set point water temperature, diagnostic display codes for installation and troubleshooting, and a battery back-up (up to 30 days). The control can save the homeowner up to 36% on energy usage depending on the geographic region, hot water usage and number of people in the household. This easily installed control can be attached directly to the water heater with the mounting bracket provided or it can be mounted remotely. Simply put, the control allows your customers to program the water heater to operate only during those times hot water is required thereby saving energy and money.