What type of water heater should I install?

There are literally thousands of models from which to choose. To find the best selection for your needs, we suggest you contact a contractor who installs and/or services Bradford White water heaters. Click here to find a contractor in your area.

Why does my red reset button keep tripping?

If button snaps back out, the temperature of the water is higher than the cut off setting of the limit switch. Allow water temperature to drop. The limit can be reset at 120°F or below.

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Why does my relief valve keep popping out?

Recently, more housing developments are being constructed in areas where the local water utility is supplying these projects with extremely high water main distribution pressure. Contractors are installing water pressure reducing valves in the service.  These reducing valves are available with or without a back flow check.

In cases where pressure-reducing valves, backflow preventors, or check valves are installed; water pressure is easily able to build to levels which will activate the T&P valve.

To remedy this, install a pressure reducing valve with a back flow bypass built into it, and/or install a thermal expansion tank that is properly sized to your water heater.

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Why does my pilot light keep going out?

Sometimes the pilot light simply gets blown out. Ensure that all covers are in place. Check the resetable thermal switch, venting, air supply, gas valve magnet, gas pressure, and for dirt in the pilot orifice.

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What is the energy factor of my water heater?

The water heater Energy Factor (EF) is a measure of the overall efficiency of the water heater. This is determined by comparing the energy in the heated water used daily to the total daily energy consumption of the water heater. The higher the EF, the lower the annual operating costs.

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Where is the anode rod on my water heater?

For most water heaters, the anode rod is attached to the hot water outlet of the water heater. If you are facing the front of the water heater (where the labels are), the hot water outlet is on the left-hand side. The anode rod is often referred to as a “sacrificial rod” or “mag rod”.

Where do I find a licensed contractor in my area?

You can easily find a local contractor by visiting our find a contractor page.

How do I get/schedule service?

To obtain service, visit our support and service page.

What carbon monoxide readings are acceptable?

Water heaters are tested/certified to emit less than 400ppm. Generally less than 50ppm will be measured.

Note: Firing time and location of measurement will have a dramatic effect on readings.

I smell gas/combustion products, what should I do?

Do not try to light any appliance.

Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.

Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Follow the gas supplier’s instructions.

If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department.

Why should I have a Bradford White water heater installed?

Not all water heaters are created equal. We believe our water heaters are of the highest quality, most technologically advanced, and backed by the best support staff available.

Why is my flame yellow?

Your pilot‘s flame should be about mostly blue. If it is mostly yellow the combustion system may require adjustment or servicing. Consult a technician immediately to check for problems.

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Can I put an insulation blanket on my water heater?

During times of energy crises and rising fuel costs, property owners tend to be more energy conscious. Water heater blankets are often considered for heat loss and conservation purposes.

Blankets for older fiberglass insulated electric water heaters make sense, especially since electricity is a much more expensive method to heat water than gas. Most electric water heaters insulated with foam (R 8.33 or higher) meet ASHRAE standards for performance (efficiency and standby loss) when tested according to Department of Energy procedures.

Many experts argue that heat loss in a gas water heater goes up the flue and therefore a blanket accomplishes no purpose.

Some local codes and utility company regulations may prohibit insulation blankets. Too often, the Do-It-Yourselfer has good intentions but unknowingly creates hazards by:

Covering safety warnings and operating instructions. (These labels are not to be removed from the heater and placed on the blanket or elsewhere.)

Covering controls, access areas, shut off devices, temperature and pressure relief valves, etc.

Blocking air passages required for combustion or draft resulting in unsafe operation.

Consequently, the water heater manufacturer does disclaim any liability for problems associated with the use of insulated blankets.

What do the temperature dial settings mean?

Refer to your I&O manual for more information on temperature dial settings.