A Premium Product at the Best Possible Price

Bradford White water heaters are manufactured with high quality materials and premium components, but you won’t have to pay a premium price. You’ll have a great water heater at a very competitive price when you choose Bradford White.

An American Company

Bradford White water heaters are designed, engineered and assembled in Middleville, MI. When you support Bradford White with your purchase decision, you’re helping to create more jobs for the American worker. We believe that’s something you can feel good about – getting a premium product that supports American business!

Proven Quality

At Bradford White, we constantly examine, analyze, and improve every product we make in order to continually deliver the highest quality possible. This ongoing improvement means you’ll get a water heater that is built to take the daily rigors of operation and provide you with many years of reliable, trouble-free service. That’s why we say every one of our water heaters is “Built to be the Best.”

Hydrojet Systems

Imagine if there was one device that would help your car stay clean, improve its performance, make it last longer, and save you money! You’d never buy a car without one. That’s exactly what the Hydrojet® Total Performance System does. This exclusive feature of Bradford White water heaters helps reduce efficiency robbing sediment, improves overall performance, and gives you more hot water for the money.

Defender Safety System ®

Designed for our gas-fired water heaters, the Bradford White Defender Safety System® helps protect your family and your home. This technology resists the ignition of flammable vapors from a spill outside the water heater. When vapors are detected, the virtually maintenance-free Defender system automatically shuts down water heater operation.

Ultra Low NOx Models

Concern for the environment is the reason Bradford White offers an extensive selection of Ultra Low NOx water heaters. These products utilize a burner technology that produces lower emissions and are approved for all air management districts throughout the country. You can be kind to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint with an Ultra Low NOx water heater from Bradford White.

ICON System™ Intelligent Gas Control Valve

Not all gas valves are created equally. The Bradford White ICON System™ is our exclusive control technology. It offers advanced temperature control for consistent water temperature levels, ensuring you have hot water throughout your home when needed. The ICON System will also help your plumbing professional quickly identify and correct any issues in the unlikely event your Bradford White water heater doesn’t operate properly.

Six Year Warranty

Is peace of mind important to you? Then you’ll appreciate how Bradford White stands behind its products by giving you a standard six-year limited warranty on both tank and parts. We know our water heaters are the best there are. That's why we provide you with this extra measure of protection. A 10-year warranty upgrade is also available through your plumbing professional.


Believe it or not, the hot water inside a water heater can eat through a steel tank in a relatively short time. That’s why all Bradford White water heaters are lined with our Vitraglas® enamel. Vitraglas® provides unsurpassed protection against deterioration when compared to other water heater linings. Simply put, Vitraglas® will make your water heater last longer.


Did you know that water heating consumes the second largest amount of energy in the home, right behind heating and cooling? That’s one reason to look at Bradford White’s ENERGY STAR® line-up of highly efficient water heaters. ENERGY STAR® models are available in a wide variety suitable for almost any home. Your plumbing professional can help you make the right choice to save energy and money.