The AeroTherm® Series
Heat Pump Water Heater

The Bradford White AeroTherm® Series water heaters combine the installation and servicing features valued by plumbing professionals with the energy and cost saving benefits important to today’s energy conscious consumer.


  • 50- and 80-gallon capacities- comparable replacements for 40-, 50-, or 80- gallon standard electric water heaters
  • Provide the same amount of hot water as standard electric 50- or 80- gallon water heaters
  • Same water and electrical connections as a standard electric water heater
  • Top water connections and a convenient height and weight for quick and easy replacements and installations
  • Designed for indoor installation such as: basement, garage, closet, utility room, attic, etc.
  • Four operating modes: Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric and Vacation
  • Electronic controls make it simple to change the temperature or operating mode
  • Quite operation


The AeroTherm® utilizes both heat-pump technology[1] and back-up electric heating elements[2] to heat water. This integrated system helps to drive the AeroTherm's economical and efficient operation. During heat pump operation, a fan [3] draws heat from the air into a compressor [4] and evaporator [5] to heat refrigerant. Once heated, the refrigerant travels through a coil[6] that fully surrounds the water storage tank. The AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater provides considerable energy while greatly reducing the cost of water heating.

The AeroTherm® Series Smart Control Panel

The AeroTherm® Series control panel provides detailed diagnostic information including water heater fault codes, tank codes, need to assess codes, and heat pump codes. Additional functions allow you to monitor the status of temperature-sensing thermistors and heating components.

  • User friendly, easy to read display
  • LED's clearly indicate the current operating mode
  • Easy to change the temperature or operating mode
  • Adjustments of one degree increments from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Display communicates current status mode and set point and displays error messages when applicable

Operational Modes

Heat Pump (only) Mode - Maximizes consumer savings. The most energy efficient mode as it only utilizes the heat pump.
Hybrid Mode - Saves while experiencing fast recovery. Hybrid mode is the factory setting combining heat pump efficiency and savings with recovery rates of standard electric when needed.
Electric (only) Mode - Operates like a standard electric water heater, and eliminates the air flow and sound from the heat pump system when preferred (fastest recovery time, but least energy efficient).
Vacation Mode - Adjust the temperature set point down to 50°ree;F for extended periods of time.