Bradford White Residential Products Canada

Bradford White Products

Built with quality to deliver years of efficient, reliable,
high-performance operation for your home.

Bradford White tank-type water heaters now feature antimicrobial technology.

Gas Water Heaters

Get all the hot water your home needs with the performance and safety features your family deserves.

Electric Water Heaters

Electricity powers your home, and now it can even heat your water more efficiently than ever before.

Indirect Water Heaters

These models work with your existing heating system’s boiler to deliver an efficient solution for your hot water needs .

Home Heating

We can do more than heat your water – we can warm your entire home with our gas boilers and combination water/space heating models.

Why Choose Bradford White?

How you heat your water matters

That’s why millions of homeowners rely on the quality, reliability and efficiency of Bradford White Water Heaters.

Check out all the features and reasons that make Bradford White products…

Built to be the Best

Professional Advice & Installation

Connect with a plumbing and heating pro in your area who sells and installs Bradford White.

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