07/01/05: Condensation and Power Vented Water Heaters


Formation of condensation in the venting system of Power Vented water heaters is dependent upon installation conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Ambient temperature and humidity of installation location
  • Ambient temperature and humidity of venting space
  • Vent distance and slope
  • Product usage
  • Condensate formation does not occur in all installations of power vented heaters, but must be protected against installations where condensation can form in the venting system.

Bradford White Installation and Operation Instructions state the need to protect against the effects of condensation. Bradford White also supplies a condensate fitting with the water heater package for ease in effecting condensate control.

While the method described in our Instructions is an effective method to control condensate, it is not the only method. Other methods of condensate management may be employed to achieve this goal, such as slight sloping (not less than 1/8″ nor greater than 1/2″ per foot maximum) of the vent down (and away from the blower motor) if necessary for the particular installation.

Power Vented Product Installations that employ effective condensate management techniques shall be deemed in compliance with Bradford White Limited Warranties and Installation/Operation Instructions.

Failure of the water heater and/or components related to ineffective condensation control is not covered by any warranty.

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