Maximum Inlet Gas Pressure

Maximum Inlet Gas Pressure

Commercial and residential gas water heaters and boilers are design-certified to operate with a maximum inlet gas pressure. To identify the maximum inlet gas pressure, refer to the labeling on the appliance and/or gas control/valve. For reference, industry standard is 14” w.c. (1/2 psi).

Examples of labeling are shown below:

In the event an installation site has been exposed to inlet pressures above the ratings listed on the product and/or the gas control/valve, the gas control/valve must be replaced. Additionally, the qualified service/gas technician must inspect the entire appliance with focus on, but not limited to: burners, combustion chambers, heat exchangers and venting. In some cases, as determined by the qualified service/gas technician, the appliance may need to be replaced entirely. Suspicion that an installation site has been exposed to excessive inlet gas pressure would require following the directions noted above.

Prior to installing the new gas control/valve and/or appliance and placing it back into service, the source of the excessive pressure must be identified and corrected by a qualified service/gas technician.

Limited Warranty coverages are specific to manufacturing defects only. Adverse installation site conditions are excluded from coverages.

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