Pressure Testing A Tank For Leaks

Pressure Testing A Tank For Leaks

Tank Leak Verification – Pressure Test

Tools Required: Water Pressure gauge

Objective: Determine if water heater is leaking from a repairable connection

To conduct a pressure test, follow these steps:

1. Install a pressure gauge on the drain valve outlet of the water heater.


2. Open the drain valve. This will give you a pressure reading of the water heater.


3. Close the cold-water inlet shut off valve to the water heater. Make sure all the hot water fixtures are turned off. This will create a closed system.


4. Watch the pressure gauge to see if it holds pressure or drops off significantly.


5. If the pressure gauge drops off rapidly with no evidence of water leaking around the water heater, a fixture may have been opened.

  • If pressure drops slowly and the water connections and fittings remain dry, the tank may have a leak.
  • If the pressure holds for 15 minutes or more, you can have confidence the tank is not leaking.
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