207 – Main Burner Ignition upon Initial Installation


Models affected: All “TTW” Series Water Heaters with “Hot Surface to Pilot Ignition”

Reported Issue: Pilot ignition, but no main burner upon initial install of water heater.

Results after testing: It was found that wet wires could cause a “pilot ignition, but no main burner” condition.  This condition can occur on the fiberglass insulated wire assembly (i.e. cast iron burner pilots) if the wire or plug gets wet.  It will only occur on the insulated wire assembly if the plug gets wet.

The gas connection and the gas pipe leading to it, is in many cases, directly over and/or in front of the pilot plug connection.  The installation manual states that the inlet gas line must have a minimum length of 3” drip leg installed “as close to the water heater’s combination control as possible”.  The manual also states that the installer must “check for gas leaks with soap and water solution and a brush or a commercial leak detector fluid”.  It is suspected that the plug and/or wires becoming wet during the leak check is the cause of this condition.

Action to be taken:  Care must be taken to ensure the control and pilot wires and plugs do not become wet during the check for gas leaks.

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