201 – New “E” Burner

NEW “E” BURNER (#201)

Models Affected: Units Manufactured after April, 1998 (SD) with “EN” Designate in unit’s Model Number

Questions have been raised regarding our new “E” style burner and it’s flame pattern/characteristics.  The characteristics of the burner show a flame pattern that appears spread out and lazy.  The burner was designed to reduce NOx emissions during the combustion process.  NOxlevels are reduced best when flame patterns are spread out and our new burner achieves that, while also burning cleaner and more efficiently.

The laziness of the burner flame pattern should not be mistaken for an issue with the unit’s combustion, but all possible avenues that would dictate this condition should be inspected as well.

The burner flame operation from a patented flame splitting technology developed exclusively by Bradford White.  Our flame splitting divides, forcing the flame to search for secondary air creating a smooth, quiet and uniform pattern.  Its environmentally friendly design will help to reduce the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere for a cleaner, healthier, living condition on this planet while increasing the combustion efficiency by as much as 3%.

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