Residential, Commercial and Specialty Water Heaters


During the first year of installation, Bradford White Corporation (BWC) will pay an Independent Service Contractor (ISC) or licensed plumbing contractor to repair a water heater of our manufacture that is found inoperative resulting from the failure of a warranty covered part shipped with the water heater.

Approval must be obtained prior to performing any in-warranty service on a BWC Water Heater. A service call must be scheduled by contacting your Bradford White Sales Representative. A service call can not be scheduled by a wholesaler, distributor or homeowner.

Please contact your Bradford White Sales representative or contact our Technical Service Group at:
(800) 334-3393

Service Rates

Bradford White will pay an Independent Service Contractor, plumbing contractor or installing plumber per service call to repair a water heater within their normal servicing area (20 mile radius). Most water heaters can be repaired in one hour or less.

Occasionally, because of extenuating circumstances (i.e., travel beyond the normal service area or additional time to complete the repair), BWC will allow, with prior authorization only, additional charges as shown below:

Residential and Specialty Water Heaters

Up to one hour beyond the normal one-hour service call. The total payment is not to exceed two hours.

Commercial Water Heaters

Up to two hours beyond the normal one-hour service call. The total payment is not to exceed three hours.

Note: Prior to making any service call the ISC, plumbing contractor or installing plumber should contact the consumer to verify name and address, confirm model number, serial number, reason or symptoms for service and to arrange for access to the water heater. Also, ensure appropriate parts are available when servicing the water heater.

The ISC, plumbing contractor or installing plumber should also advise the consumer if their service issue is not covered by the warranty policy, the consumer is responsible for all charges. Bradford White Corporation is also not responsible for time/material charge(s) not related to the original installation, i.e. relocation of the water heater, different replacement water heater requested by consumer, etc.

To find an Independent Warranty and Service Contractor in your area, please click the following link: ISC Locator


  • Dry-fired elements
  • Temperature adjustments
  • T & P valve failures/function (unless supplied with the unit by BWC)
  • Air shutter adjustments
  • No electric or gas supplied to the water heater
  • Poor or improper venting
  • Not enough hot water because of sizing or overuse
  • Improper wiring to water heater
  • Diagnostic calls
  • Undersized gas piping to water heater
  • Lack of combustion air
  • Smelly water
  • Noise because of minerals or sediment
  • Removal or replacement of anode rods
  • Anode consumption
  • Improper Installation
  • Failure because of excessive pressure
  • Thermal expansion
  • Damage caused by flooding, exposure to weather or negligence


BWC offers a replacement allowance to any licensed plumbing contractor on any water heater that fails because of unrepairable tank leakage during the first year following the water heater installation.

The schedule of maximum allowances for original installation replacement is shown below:

In order to receive the replacement allowance (during the first year of installation) the water heater must be returned to our factory for inspection and verification of a tank leak.

No allowance will be paid on a water heater, which upon factory inspection, had no defect, was field repairable, was altered or was returned because of damage. Also, if inspection finds the tank failed resulting from excessive pressure, no allowance will be paid.

Notes: It is the responsibility of the ISC, plumbing contractor or installing plumber to remove and destroy obsolete service policy information.