Why Bradford White – Canada

Why Choose
Bradford White?

How you heat your water matters

That’s why millions of American households rely on the quality, reliability and efficiency of Bradford White Water Heaters.

Check out all the features and reasons that make Bradford White products…

Built to be the Best


Every Bradford White water heater is Built to be the Best – and designed for outstanding performance. You can be confident your family will have hot water when they need it, every day, year after year.


Bradford White has over 60 ENERGY STAR®
rated water heaters that provide outstanding
efficiency to lower your energy usage and save
you money on your utility bill every month.

Bradford White Water Heater Check Local Rebates in Your Area


Bradford White water heaters are designed and built for safe operation with features – like our Defender Safety System® – that deliver peace of mind for your family. Additionally, installation by a qualified plumbing professional ensures both optimal and safe operation that meets local codes.


Bradford White has established a reputation for embracing new, proven technology to consistently provide better safety, reliability, efficiency and performance. Here are some of our exclusive features and what they deliver for you…

Hydrojet® Total Performance System reduces sediment buildup in the tank to maintain performance and prolong water heater life.

Vitraglas® Enamel Tank Lining – our unique formulation protects the tank from harmful corrosion and also helps to extend the life of the water heater.

ICON System®
our intelligent gas control system helps in the smart operation of our gas water heaters for accurate temperature and enhanced performance.

Steadiset®is an exclusive feature of our Infiniti® K Series tankless water heaters that keep the hot water
at the desired temperature throughout the usage demand.

SRT (Scale Reduction Technology) is engineered into our Infiniti®Tankless water heaters to reduce scale buildup and improve performance and heater lifespan.

Defender Safety System® uses a patented flame arrestor design with ScreenLok® Technology to prevent the ignition
of flammable vapors outside the water heater. To keep you safe.

Professional Advice and Installation

Bradford White water heaters are not available in the typical big box home stores. They can only be purchased through a plumbing professional. Why? Because Bradford White is committed to professional specification and installation to ensure your water heater is the right one for your needs and is properly and safely installed per our requirements and to local codes. The result is years of safe and trouble-free performance.

Get a Bradford White

Get started by contacting a plumbing and heating pro in your area who sells and installs Bradford White. They can help you find the Bradford White model that’s right for you and safely install it. The Pros know, Bradford White is the smart choice.

Find a Local Contractor

To get years of top performance out of your Bradford White water heater, be sure to hire a pro to expertly recommend and properly install your water heater. It’s the safest thing to do.

Connect with a qualified pro in your area now.

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