What is The YSAQMD?

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District is administering Reg. II, Rule 2.37, which regulates the allowable nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of gas fired water heaters. This new requirement has established a NOx limit of 10 nanograms per joule of heat output (- 15 ppm) for any natural gas-fired Atmospheric Vent, Power Vent, Power Direct Vent or Direct Vent storage tank water heaters with inputs of 75,000 BTU/Hr or less.

YSAQMD and Water Heaters

Wholesalers and installers CANNOT continue to sell and install non-compliant water heaters after January 1st, 2010. Any non-compliant water heaters not already installed by this date cannot be sold or installed within the YSAQMD.

Bradford White Corporation has been able to meet this challenge by developing a series of advanced water heaters that emit 10 ng NOx/J or less. These water heaters are known as the Eco-Defender Ultra Low NOx series water heaters.

YSAQMD Affected Areas

The District's jurisdiction covers two counties: Yolo County (Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland) and the northeast portion of Solano County (Dixon, Rio Vista, Vacaville).

Some of the above information was sourced from the YSAQMD's website www.ysaqmd.org.

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