Unlike other brands that sell to homeowners in big box stores, Bradford White feels very strongly that our water heaters should be purchased through and installed by qualified professionals only to ensure correct and safe installation in your home for years of worry-free service. So you won’t find our products in the big box stores. If you are interested in having a Bradford White water heater installed, or have questions on pricing and availability, we always recommend you contact your local plumbing professional. Find a plumbing professional in your area who sells and installs Bradford White.Bradford White’s water heater manufacturing facility is located in the heart of America, in Middleville, Michigan. We proudly support the American workforce and manufacturing that make our products Built to be the Best®. It’s a big part of why Bradford White is American Strong®. Bradford White water heaters are sold through plumbing professionals only. Please contact your local plumbing pro for Bradford White product and installation pricing and to get help on which model is best for your home. Need a pro? Find one here. Here are some of the many great reasons to choose Bradford White.The estimated yearly cost is determined by a number based on national averages obtained by the Department of Energy. This information is located on the yellow Energy Guide Label on your water heater. For more details about your Bradford White water heater, visit the My Water Heater Information page.Thermal efficiency is the amount of energy delivered as heated water compared to the energy consumed. The higher the efficiency, the more hot water is delivered for the amount of energy consumed. High-efficiency models can save you on energy costs. Models that meet certain efficiency levels earn the ENERGY STAR® certification. Venting should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and to state and local codes and regulations. That’s why we strongly recommend you have a plumbing professional install your Bradford White water heater. They can ensure the proper, safe installation for years of reliable performance. Need a pro? Find one here.That information can be found in the water heater’s Installation/Operation manual. You can get that documentation here. Your plumbing pro can assess your household needs and installation requirements and suggest the right model for your home. We have options designed to meet most installation challenges without sacrificing safety or performance. Need a pro? Find one here.Vitraglas® is an enamel lining and coating uniquely formulated and applied to the water heater to keep harmful corrosive elements from reaching the steel of the tank and other components. This tank lining also features Microban® antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on its surface. This exclusive, superior protection greatly extends the lifespan of our water heaters. It’s another great reason why you should choose Bradford White.Antimicrobials have been safely used for many years. The Microban® technology used in Bradford White water heaters is silver-based which has been used in a range of applications. The Microban® antimicrobial technology used in the Bradford White products also carries both the EPA and European Union approval for direct food contact. For additional details regarding Microban® safety, please visit www.microban.com For over 35 years Microban® has been built-in to a range of water related products including storage tanks, faucets, filters, ice makers, and water supply lines.