Electric Water Heaters

Commercial power, electric convenience.

Electric Water Heaters

Commercial power, electric convenience.

Maximize performance and minimize downtime.

Electric Water Heaters

With a wide variety of capacities, voltages, wattages, and phase configurations, we have the right commercial electric water heater to meet the precise needs of your business.

  • Impressive heating performance: Direct heat transfer with immersed INCOLOY® Elements that transfer heat directly and efficiently to the water.
  • Fast replacement: Our ElectriFLEX® Series uses field conversion kits so voltage, wattage and phase can be set to your precise needs. The ideal choice for fast replacement.
  • Built for reliability and longer product life: Our Vitraglas®– tank lining provides added durability plus Microban®– antimicrobial product protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface of the tank lining. Our Hydrojet®– Total Performance System reduces sediment to lengthen the life of the water heater and improve efficiency.
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ElectriFLEX MD | ElectriFLEX LD

Commercial Electric Vertical Round | ElectriFLEX HD

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Our Tank Type Electric Water Heater Models

ElectriFLEX MD Water Heaters

Engineered to serve the needs of medium-duty commercial applications like beauty salons, small restaurants, and office buildings.

  • Field-convertible for fast replacement.
  • Available in 50, 80, and 119 gallon capacities
  • kW inputs range from 6kW to 18kW.
  • Voltages include 208V, 240V, and 480V.

ElectriFLEX MD Model Numbers:

  • E32-50S-3
  • E32-80R-3
  • E32-120R-3

ElectriFLEX HD Water Heaters

Designed for heavy-duty commercial applications including large restaurants, health clubs, stadiums, schools, and anywhere that large volumes of hot water are needed.

  • Field-convertible for fast replacement.
  • Available in 50, 80, and 119 gallon capacities.
  • 12 different convertible wattages from 6kW – 54kW.
  • Convertible voltages include 208V, 240V, 277V, 380V, 415V, 480V, & 600V.

ElectriFLEX HD Model Numbers:

  • CEHD50
  • CEHD80
  • CEHD120

Commercial Electric Vertical Round Water Heaters

Outstanding performance with exceptional durability.

  • Quality Components: 150 psi ASME Code Tank, INCOLOY® Heating Elements, Internal Fusing, Immersion Thermostat.
  • Designed for longer product life: Includes Vitraglas® Lining with Microban®, Galvanized Steel Jacket, Magnesium Anode Rods.
  • Easy operation: With easy-to-read digital temperature display.

Commercial Electric Vertical Round Model Numbers:

  • VR-150-(kW)
  • VR-200-(kW)
  • VR-250-(kW)
  • VR-300-(kW)
  • VR-400-(kW)
  • VR-500-(kW)
  • VR-600-(kW)
  • VR-800-(kW)
  • VR-1000-(kW)
  • VR-1250-(kW)
  • VR-2000-(kW)
  • VR-2500-(kW)

Our other tank type electric water heaters

ElectriFLEX LD (LIGHT-DUTY) Upright Electric Model Numbers:

  • LE330S3-3
  • LE340S3-3
  • LE350S3-3
  • LE255T3-3
  • LE265T3-3
  • LE280T3-3
  • LE2120T3-3

ElectriFLEX LD (LIGHT-DUTY) Lowboy Electric Model Numbers:

  • LE120L3-3
  • LE230LN3-3
  • LE240LN3-3
  • LE250LN3-3

ElectriFLEX LD (LIGHT-DUTY) Utility Electric Model Numbers:

  • LE16U3-1
  • LE110U3-1
  • LE112T3-1
  • LE120U3-1

Large Volume (LIGHT-SERVICE) Upright Electric Model Numbers:

  • SLE265T6-1
  • SLE280T6-1
  • SLE2120T6-1

ASME Immersion Thermostat Model Numbers:

  • CEA6-kW-3
  • CEA12-kW-3
  • CEA20-kW-3
  • CEA30-kW-3
  • CEA40-kW-3
  • CEA50-kW-3
  • CEA80-kW-3
  • CEA120-kW-3

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