Indirect Water Heaters

High-performance commercial hot water solutions.

Indirect Water Heaters

High-performance commercial hot water solutions.

Fast recovery. High commercial performance.

Indirect Water Heaters

Our durable, reliable PowerStor Series® tanks work with your business’ boiler to provide a reliable source of hot water for your employees and customers.

  • Fast recovery: The PowerStor Series® heats water quickly so you’ll always have the hot water your business needs.
  • High output: Featuring one of the highest heat transfer areas in the industry, the PowerStor Series® delivers a large amount of hot water and impressive efficiency to help lower your business’ energy costs.
  • High tech: Our Hydrojet®– Total Performance System reduces sediment build-up to boost efficiency and maintain optimal performance.
  • Highly durable: Our single and double wall tanks feature Vitraglas®– tank lining for added durability plus Microban®– antimicrobial product protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the tank lining. Our PowerStor Series® SS Indirect model enhances durability even more with a stainless-steel heat exchanger and tank which is highly resistant to corrosion.
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Our Indirect Water Heater Models

PowerStor Series® Single Wall Indirect Water Heater

Designed for fast heating to meet your business’ demand for hot water.

  • Single-wall heat exchanger delivers quicker heat transfer and increased hot water delivery.
  • Includes our exclusive Hydrojet® Total Performance System to reduce sediment and our Vitraglas® tank lining with Microban® antimicrobial product protection to protect the tank for longer product life.
  • Limited lifetime tank and heat exchanger warranties.

PowerStor Series® Single Wall Indirect Model Numbers:

  • SW-120C-5

PowerStor Series® SS Indirect Water Heater

Our premium indirect water heater for extended durability and heating performance.

  • Stainless steel tank and heat exchanger resists corrosion for longer life.
  • Extended-performance heat exchanger.

PowerStor Series® SS Indirect Model Numbers:

  • SS-30-L
  • SS-40-L
  • SS-50-L
  • SS-75-L
  • SS-120-L

Brute® Plate Indirect Water Heater

If your business needs a large output of hot water with a boiler, the Brute Plate Indirect delivers.

  • High domestic water output: Produces up to 150 GPM of domestic hot water.
  • Unmatched temperature control: Quickly responds to variable load patterns to maintain accurate hot water temperatures.
  • Flexible & efficient: User configurable controls, two-way operation available when used with VFD pumps.

Brute® Plate Indirect Model Numbers:

  • BLP-18D
  • BLP-26D
  • BLP-36D
  • BLP-52D
  • BLP-80D

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