Electric Water Heaters

Rely on Bradford White for outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability.

Electric Water Heaters

Rely on Bradford White for outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability.

Efficient design. Enduring quality.

Electric Water Heaters

Heat your water more efficiently than ever before with Bradford White’s electric tank type water heaters. With a variety of sizes, our electric line delivers outstanding performance for any water heating need.

  • Electric convenience and performance: Easily installed virtually anywhere. Delivers outstanding, reliable hot water for years to come.
  • Exclusive tank protection for longer life: Our Vitraglas® tank lining provides added durability plus Microban® antimicrobial product protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the tank lining.
  • Energy-saving technology: The Bradford White Hydrojet® Total Performance System reduces sediment to extend the life of the water heater and improve efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly: Enjoy the added peace-of-mind of an electric water heater with zero emissions.
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Utility Electric | Upright Electric | Lowboy Electric

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Our Tank Type Electric Water Heater Models

Upright Electric

Enjoy outstanding performance and value in the right size for your home.

  • Single and double element models available for high performance.
  • Available in a variety of tank sizes so you can make sure you have all the hot water your family needs.

Upright Electric Model Numbers:

  • RE330S6
  • RE240S6
  • RE340S6
  • RE340T6
  • RE350S6
  • RE250S6
  • RE250T6
  • RE255T6

Lowboy Electric

Perfect for tight spaces, our Lowboy fits just about anywhere.

  • Perfect for installation in a closet, under a counter, in a crawlspace or anywhere that space is limited.
  • Models above 20-gallons meet or exceed efficiency requirements.

Lowboy Electric Model Numbers:

  • RE120L6
  • RE130L6
  • RE230LN6
  • RE240L6
  • RE240LN6
  • RE250LN6

Utility Electric

Need separate hot water for a smaller area? Our utility model is ideal for separate workshops, in-law suites and more.

  • An efficient solution for smaller needs.
  • Ideal for a location with less demand or intermittent usage.

Utility Electric Model Numbers:

  • RE16U6
  • RE110U6
  • RE112T6
  • RE112T6

PC® Powerful Compact Electric Model Numbers:

  • RE1-2U6

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