Indirect Water Heaters

Ready to deliver high-performance hot water solutions.

Indirect Water Heaters

Ready to deliver high-performance hot water solutions.

PowerStor Series® Fast recovery. High performance.

Indirect Water Heaters

If you use a boiler to heat your home, one of our indirect water heaters could provide an efficient hot water solution. You can pair one of our boilers to heat water and then store that hot water in one of our durable, reliable PowerStor Series® tanks.

  • Fast recovery: The PowerStor Series® heats water quickly so you’ll always have the hot water you and your family need.
  • High output: Featuring one of the highest heat transfer areas in the industry, the PowerStor Series® delivers a large amount of hot water and impressive efficiency to save you money.
  • High tech: Our Hydrojet® – Total Performance System reduces sediment build-up to boost efficiency and maintain optimal performance.
  • Highly durable: Our single and double wall tanks feature Vitraglas® tank lining for added durability plus Microban® antimicrobial product protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface of the tank lining.
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PowerStor2 Series® Double Wall

PowerStor Series® Single Wall | PowerStor Series® SS

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Our Indirect Water Heater Models

PowerStor Series® Single WallIndirect Water Heaters

Designed for fast heating to meet your home’s demand for hot water.

  • Single-wall heat exchanger delivers quicker heat transfer and increased hot water delivery.
  • Includes our exclusive Hydrojet® Total Performance System to reduce sediment and our Vitraglas® tank lining with Microban® antimicrobial product protection to protect the tank for longer life.
  • Limited lifetime tank and heat exchanger warranties.

PowerStor Series® Single Wall Indirect Model Numbers:

  • SW-2-30-L
  • SW-2-40R-L
  • SW-2-50R-L
  • SW-2-65-L
  • SW-2-80-L
  • SW-2-120-L

PowerStor2 Series® Double WallIndirect Water Heaters

Provides added protection for systems using glycol or antifreeze in particularly cold areas.

  • Durable double-wall heat exchanger with Vitraglas® plus Microban® coated steel coil.
  • Same core features as single-wall model.

PowerStor2 Series® Double Wall Indirect Model Numbers:

  • DW-2-40L
  • DW-2-50L
  • DW-2-80L

PowerStor Series® SS Indirect Water Heaters

Our premium indirect water heater for extended durability and heating performance.

  • Stainless steel tank and heat exchanger resists corrosion for longer life.
  • Extended-performance heat exchanger.

PowerStor Series® SS Indirect Model Numbers:

  • SS-30-L
  • SS-40-L
  • SS-50-L
  • SS-75-L
  • SS-120-L

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