Venting should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and to state and local codes and regulations. That’s why we strongly recommend you have a plumbing professional install your Bradford White water heater. They can ensure the proper, safe installation for years of reliable performance. Need a pro? Find one here.That information can be found in the water heater’s Installation/Operation manual. You can get that documentation here. Your plumbing pro can assess your household needs and installation requirements and suggest the right model for your home. We have options designed to meet most installation challenges without sacrificing safety or performance. Need a pro? Find one here.Antimicrobials have been safely used for many years. The Microban® technology used in Bradford White water heaters is silver-based which has been used in a range of applications. The Microban® antimicrobial technology used in the Bradford White products also carries both the EPA and European Union approval for direct food contact. For additional details regarding Microban® safety, please visit For over 35 years Microban® has been built-in to a range of water related products including storage tanks, faucets, filters, ice makers, and water supply lines.Bradford White’s policy is to sell its products and components only through wholesale distribution. Therefore, warranty parts are only available through a professional service provider who works on/with Bradford White water heaters. Need a Pro? Find one here.You can get the manufactured date of your water heater on the My Water Heater Information page. You’ll need to have the serial number of your water heater handy – there are instructions for finding your serial number on that page as well or click here. Do you need to find a plumbing professional who services and installs Bradford white water heaters? Find one here.The lifespan of a water heater can vary depending on many factors such as fuel type, use, maintenance, water quality, the overall water heater quality, and more. With a professional installation and proper maintenance, our water heaters can last 10 years or more. That’s why Bradford White water heaters are Built to be the Best®. If you suspect your current water heater needs replacing, check out Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater video. Then contact your plumbing professional and tell them you want the quality of a Bradford White. Additionally, Bradford White offers our BUILTBEST® Extended Warranty options for many of our water heater models to give you extra peace-of-mind. Need a plumbing pro? Find one here. The Serial Number Date Code Reference Chart contains date information as part of the overall serial number of your model. The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 (DM), and eight digits in length after.For additional questions contact the Bradford White Warranty Department at or 800-531-2111.The BUILTBEST® Extended Warranty Upgrade includes options for homeowners to extend their Bradford White water heater’s initial residential warranty for two or four additional years on the component parts and glass-lined tank. Click to learn more: U.S. Homeowners or Canadian Homeowners.