Which Bradford White products are Certified Green Products ?

The Infiniti® GS and GR Tankless Water Heaters and the eF Series® 60 and 100 gallon Commercial Gas Water Heaters qualify as Certified Green Products. If a restaurant purchases and uses any of the qualifying models listed below, that restaurant will earn GreenPoints towards becoming a Certified Green Restaurant®. eF Series: EF-60T-125E-3N(A) eF Series: EF-100T-150E-3N(A) eF Series: EF-100T-199E-3N(A) eF Series: EF-100T-250E-3N(A) Infiniti GR: RTGR199N1 Infiniti GR: RTGR199X1 Infiniti GS: RTGS199N1 Infiniti GS: RTGS199X1 To view the GreenPoints associated with Bradford White’s models, view here.