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Committed To Energy Efficiency

Committed To Energy Efficiency

Designed for Energy Efficiency

Bradford White is proud to design and engineer over 60 models that are high-quality, reliable and efficient. These ENERGY STAR® certified products are built to meet or exceed government standards for efficiency. Our dedication to energy efficiency innovation and promotion has made us a 3 time ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year (2020,2021,& 2022).

Our ENERGY STAR® Products – Video

Lower Energy Usage Costs

Our premium ENERGY STAR® certified products save your customers energy and money. That’s especially important when you consider that heating water is the second largest energy user in the home. And for many businesses, it’s an expense that impacts their bottom line. With your help, savvy customers will recognize that investing in a high efficiency water heater is a smart choice that pays off in year after year energy cost savings.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Cost reduction is only part of it. Going with a Bradford White ENERGY STAR® certified water heater reduces the impact of water heating on the environment saving energy and reducing green house gas emissions. In fact, the Bradford White ENERGY STAR® products sold in just the past year have saved nearly 23 metric tons of carbon from impacting the environment annually. That’s the equivalent of eliminating the emissions that nearly 5,000 passenger cars put out in a year!

Additional Sales Incentives

Our ENERGY STAR® models qualify for many regional utility rebates – some as much as $1,000 or more. Additionally, certain models can also qualify for significant tax credits. Be sure to check out the available rebate programs in your sales area and which models qualify for tax credits with our rebate finder. Another great reason to go green with Bradford White.

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