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Whether you own a Bradford White water heater or you are considering one for your home, we understand you may have some questions. Well, we are here to help! This Knowledge Center is here to assist you in getting answers and helpful information. You can click on a topic, look through the current Q&A’s or use our answer search tool. We’ll guide you to the information and answers you need quickly and easily.

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Great question - and we have a special page on this site to tell you why you should! Check it out here. Plus, you can ask your plumbing professional about Bradford White, too. We're confident they will mention our outstanding quality, performance and reliability that makes us Built to be the Best®. Need a plumbing pro? Find one here.

Thank you for interest in purchasing a Bradford White water heater.  Unlike other brands that sell through big box stores, Bradford White feels very strongly that our water heaters should be specified, sold and installed by qualified professionals only. To find a plumbing professional in your area who sells and installs Bradford White, click here.  Here are some reasons to feel good about choosing Bradford White.

Your model number and serial number are located on the rating plate on your water heater. The rating plate example shown here shows the model number in blue and the serial number in yellow.

To register your water heater, visit our Warranty Center at and have your serial number available. Follow the prompts for Product Registration on the Warranty Center page. Need help finding your serial number? Click here.

Enter your water heater's serial number on the My Water Heater Information page. This will display the manufacture date of your water heater and provide access other useful documents. Instructions to help find your water heater's serial number is also provided on that page. 

If you have a Bradford White water heater, you can find out more about your water heater and get related manuals and documents on our My Water Heater Information page. You'll need to have your model number or serial number handy. There are instructions on that page for where to find those. If you don't own a Bradford White, you should be able to find the make and model number on the unit's rating plate. Your plumbing professional should also be able to help, especially if you are looking to replace that water heater. They can see what you have and determine what Bradford White model would be the best replacement based on your installation situation and family needs. Don't have a plumber? Find a Pro in your area here.

Yes, please have your make/model of your current water heater available and utilize our RightSpec cross reference program located here. This will show you the Bradford White model(s) that are the closet equivalent to your current water heater.  We also recommend that your ask your plumbing professional to suggest the Bradford White model that would be best for you based on your current needs, installation situation and usage.  Need a plumbing Pro?  Find one here.

If your water heater was produced before April of 2015, there is likely a newer, more efficient version that is now available due to an update in efficiency standards imposed by the U.S. Department of Energy.   If you are interested in replacing your older Bradford White water heater with a newer one, contact your plumbing professional.  They should be able to provide you with what options would work best for you. Need a Pro? Click here. Also, we have a tool to help you match an old Bradford White model to a comparable newer one. This RightSpec® Cross reference tool will require you to have your current model number handy. You select your Country, Manufacturer - in this case choose Bradford White (Old Models) and provide your model number. The tool will do the rest and show you what the closest match is with a link to a specifications document. You can save this information and ask your Plumbing Pro about the model when you call them about your replacement request.

Water heaters do benefit from periodic maintenance. It ensures efficient and safe operation and extends the lifespan of your unit. Please refer to the maintenance section of your installation and operation manual for your water heater. This information can be found here. Make sure you have your model number or serial number available. If you need help locating your model number - you can find instructions there as well. Although there may be some simple maintenance checks you can do yourself, we highly recommend you have a plumbing professional do the maintenance. Need a pro? Find one here.

Typically, we advise to drain off one gallon a month from the water heater to help remove silt and sediment. Preventative maintenance items and intervals, including tank draining, are included in the operations manual for your model. Your Bradford White water heater supporting manuals and documents can be found here. You'll need to know your model number and there are instructions provided on that page to help you locate that as well.

Bradford White offers a large selection of water heating products that qualify for rebates across the United States and Canada. To see if your water heater qualifies, visit our Rebate Center and enter your water heater's model number and your zip code/postal code. Need help finding your model number? Click here.

Look at the outside of your water heater and if the blue ENERGY STAR® logo is on it, it is indeed ENERGY STAR® certified. If you can't find that logo, look for the rating plate on your water heater. Here's how to find it. On that rating plate is your model and serial number (if you already know your model number - that's great). Write those down or snap a phone picture of the numbers. Then visit our My Water Heater Information page and enter your model or serial number. It will bring up documentation and information on your water heater. Click into the Specifications link and it will bring up a document with the technical information about your water heater. It should say on that document if your water heater is ENERGY STAR® certified. You can also access other documentation and manuals for your water heater if you need them.  If you very recently purchased your water heater and it is an ENERGY STAR® certified model, you may be eligible for local rebates.  Check for rebates in your area here.

No. Unlike other brands that sell to homeowners in big box stores, Bradford White feels very strongly that our water heaters should be purchased through and installed by qualified professionals only to ensure correct and safe installation in your home for years of worry-free service. If you are interested in having a Bradford White water heater installed, or have questions on pricing and availability, we always recommend you contact your local plumbing professional. To find a plumbing professional in your area who sells and installs Bradford White, check out our Contractor Finder.

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