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Helpful tools and resources for Bradford White owners.

My Water Heater

Helpful tools and resources for Bradford White owners.

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Determine The Age of My Water Heater

The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture.

Production Year

Please note:

For the year column, we do not use the letters : I, O, Q, R U, V

A = 2004 or 2024

B = 2005 or 2025

C = 2006 or 2026

D = 2007 or 2027

E = 2008 or 2028

F = 2009 or 2029

G = 2010 or 2030

H = 2011 or 2031

J = 2012 or 2032

K = 2013 or 2033

L = 2014 or 2034

M = 2015 or 2035

N = 2016 or 2036

P = 2017 or 2037

S = 2018 or 2038

T = 2019 or 2039

W = 2020 or 2040

X = 2021 or 2041

Y = 2022 or 2042

Z = 2023 or 2043

Production Month

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For the month column we do not use the letters: I & N – Z













Locating My Serial and Model Number

Step 1

Locate your rating plate on your water heater as shown here.

Step 2

Read the rating plate to find your model number and serial number. This rating plate example shows the model number in blue and the serial number in yellow.

Service, Repair or Replace

3 Simple Steps

Whatever your issue, it’s easy to solve the problems with some quick help from a plumbing professional.

Find a plumbing pro

Step 1

Call your plumbing professional right away. They’ll diagnose your issue and should provide prompt service.

Step 2

Your plumbing professional will work with a Bradford White distributor to make any warranty claims for covered parts – or if needed – a new water heater.

Find a plumbing pro

Step 3

Need a local professional who services Bradford White water heaters? Click the find a plumbing pro button.

Find a plumbing pro

Time for a replacement?

Bradford White Water Heaters are designed for many years of outstanding performance and reliable operation – especially if they’re properly maintained and serviced*. But all water heaters eventually need to be replaced – and factors like harsh water and natural gas quality can shorten that lifespan.

*The performance of all appliances, including water heaters, varies based on handling, conditions of use, and adherence to recommended maintenance. Bradford White recommends that its customers carefully read their product’s warranty and instructions and follow any recommended maintenance schedules. Maintenance should be performed by a plumbing/HVAC professional.

Bradford White is American Strong®

From our start over 140 years ago to today, Bradford White’s goal is to deliver high quality, superior products. Today we proudly employ over 2,000 people at our American facilities. You can always count on the performance and reliability of our Built to be the Best® products.

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