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Water Heater Features & Innovations

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Our Mission Is To Provide All Customers With The Most Advanced, Most Reliable, Premium Products.

Bradford White has established a reputation for bringing truly innovative features to the water heater industry. This is a standard by which Bradford White strives to consistently provide better safety, reliability, and performance.

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Total Performance System

Only Bradford White has it. What is it? It’s a unique dip tube system where the cold water enters the water heater, and instead of just supplying more water, it stirs the water with a series of flow-altering jet ports. These ports create counter-rotation and dynamic turbulence that effectively blasts sediment into suspension and prevents its accumulation. Sediment buildup is the main killer of water heater life. But Bradford White’s patented Hydrojet® system is an innovation that reduces sediment—and does much more.

It can make the unit last longer, use less energy, and deliver more hot water faster than other water heaters. It’s an innovation that has separated Bradford White from the competition. Hydrojet® is unequaled in its effectiveness. And, it’s standard equipment on all Bradford White top connect residential water heaters.


Vitraglas keeps harmful and corrosive elements from reaching the steel of the tank and other components. Vitraglas is an enamel lining and coating uniquely formulated and applied to the water heater tank, head, base, and flue tube, and is then bonded to the steel surface by firing at a temperature of over 1600°F. This produces a superior, durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting lining. Bradford White created Vitraglas and effectively set the standard for glass-lining protection. Vitraglasis one of many important innovations from Bradford White and another reason Bradford White is “Built to be the Best.”

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ICON System
Gas Control Technology

The Perfect Choice in Gas Control Technology — Only from Bradford White!

Gone are the days of lying on the floor to light the pilot or finding a screwdriver to turn the temperature control up or down. The Bradford White ICON System is an exclusive gas control technology that offers real benefits to make sure your new Bradford White water heater is operating at peak performance. Advanced temperature control for consistent and accurate water temperature levels, proprietary software for enhanced First Hour Delivery ratings, tighter temperature differentials, intelligent diagnostics to assist in setup and troubleshooting, and pilot-on-indication. The ICON System is another competitive advantage for professional installers and wholesalers. And another convenience for homeowners who want easier ways to control their water heater. Best of all, it’s provided at no extra cost.

The Defender Safety System®

For many homeowners, the water heater is located in a utility room in the basement or in the garage right where flammable liquids might be stored. Bradford White’s Defender Safety System® with FVIR (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) Technology defends your property and belongings from potential combustion of these fumes by keeping any flames inside the water heater.

The heart of Bradford White’s Defender Safety System® is the patented flame arrestor design with ScreenLok® Technology. If flammable vapors enter this uniquely designed system and are ignited, any flames present in the chamber will be prevented from traveling backwards through the flame arrestor plate and outside of the water heater, providing added protection for you and your home.

Bradford White Defender Safety System Innovations
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Infiniti Tankless
Water Heater Series is SRT

Built into the new Infiniti Tankless Water Heater Series is SRT (Scale Reduction Technology). The SRT system utilizes multiple components to reduce scale. These components disturb water-flow and greatly reduce hotspots that allow scale to accumulate. The SRT system significantly reduces the incidence of scale build-up known to result in poor performance, premature component or product failure, and ultimately additional maintenance costs for the consumer.

Eco-Defender Safety System®

The Eco-Defender Safety System® features a different burner to maintain its Low NOx emissions while resisting the ignition of flammable vapors that can occur outside the water heater. Since its inception, the Defender Safety System® has proven to be one of the most successful, reliable, and maintenance-free flame arrestor technologies in the industry.

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