Infiniti® Series

The Infiniti® Series

Tankless Water Heater

We Built a Better Tankless

Better for Homeowners

Bradford White’s Infiniti® Series Tankless Water Heaters help you maximize all the advantages of tankless.

  • Endless Supply of Hot Water: The Infiniti® Series delivers extremely consistent and accurate hot water on demand. Every member of the family gets a perfectly hot shower – whether they go first or last!
  • Outstanding Efficiency: The Infiniti® Series is ENERGY STAR® certified* for energy savings, which helps maximize the financial benefits of choosing tankless.
  • Built-In Recirculation Pump Available: The integrated recirculation pump provides additional comfort such as quick hot water delivery and water conservation. (Infiniti® L and GR)
  • Convenient Compact Design: Wall-mounted to free up more floor space. Available in both indoor and outdoor models.

*All Infiniti® Series tankless gas water heaters are ENERGY STAR® certified with the exception of the RTGK160.

  • Smart Technology Reduces Servicing: Tankless water heaters require regular maintenance to deal with scale buildup. Our exclusive Scale Reduction Technology (SRT) greatly reduces scale and related performance issues, so servicing is reduced and simplified.
  • Eligible for Rebates & Tax Credits: Significant regional rebates and even federal tax credits are currently available.
    See Rebates in your area here.

Better for Contractors

The Infiniti® Series is built For The Pro® for easier installation and service.

  • Convenient top water connections make it easy to retrofit from an existing tank. Includes built-in flush ports – so no need to buy and add your own. (Infiniti® K & Infiniti® L)
  • Convenient, Flexible Venting. Fully self-compensating, so there’s no need for a combustion analyzer.
  • Larger Boxes that are easier to work on. No need to remove one component to get to another. Replace interior parts in just minutes with no specialized tools!
  • Best-in-Class Tech Support Bradford White’s industry-leading 24/7 technical support (based in Middleville, MI) is on standby to help with any service issues or questions. We are here For The Pro® to make your job even easier.
  • The Infiniti® Series features a 15-year warranty (residential, heat exchanger) so you and your customer can feel confident knowing Bradford White stands behind the quality of this product for years to come.

Infiniti® Series Models

The Infiniti® GS & GR

  • Features a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for increased thermal efficiency, less scale build-up and improved pressure loss.
  • Built-in Recirculation Pump (Infiniti® GR) with three speed settings.
  • Commercial and residential applications.
  • Bottom Water Connections.

The Infiniti® K & L

  • Includes our exclusive STEADISET® technology, which delivers extremely consistent and accurate hot water on demand.
  • Infiniti® L includes built-in recirculation pump.
  • Top Water Connections and flush ports.
Check out this video for a sneak peak of the Infiniti® GS and GR
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